Iceman Awakens

I’ve always been fascinated with Ötzi, the mummy of a man from the Copper Age whose murdered remains were found in the Alps near the Austrian and Italian borders in 1991. What was his story? In this historical fiction, author Sharon Krasny creates a compelling answer. I couldn’t put it down, and not just because of the page-turning plot. Her research and vivid description immerse us in the wild beauty of the landscape thousands of years ago, and she captures the humanity we share with our ancestors by depicting rhythms of family and community life that, while centered around ancient ways of survival, reflect a complexity in human relationships that has not changed through time. The book follows Ötzi through his coming-of-age rites as a teenager. It left me eagerly awaiting Krasny’s next book in the series. Iceman Awakens is available here.

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